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How does the Prairie-shop and Pbux system work? 

To order something from The Prairie-shop you need to earn Pbux. Every items at the shop will varying in how many Pbux you will need to make the 'swap'.

Can you save up your PBux? 

Yes you can. You can save as many P-Bux as you want in order to purchase items that have a higher value of P-Bux.


How do I know how many PBux I have? 

You can check the amount of P-Bux you have by logging into Dojo with your school email and password OR you can ask your teacher. 


Can I order more than one item?

You can order more than one item as long as you have enough P-Bux to purchase all items. 


What if I need help with the google form?

Ask your teacher for any assistance with filling in the form. 


Can I purchase items for free?

No. You need to have enough P-Bux in order to purchase items from the Prairie Shop. 


What if the item I want is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock you can either wait for it to be restocked or you can purchase another item. 


Can I swap/exchange my item after it has been opened?

No, you cannot swap or exchange items after they have been opened.

Can I refund my item?

No you cannot refund any items once purchased so choose wisely. 


What if my item is faulty?

If your item is faulty please let your teacher know and they will organise a replacement. 

When will I receive my order? 

Once you put your order in it will be processed and delivered the following week. 

What day will the items be delivered?

Stage 1 - Tuesday

Stage 2 - Wednesday

Stage 3 - Thursday

Early Stage 1 & SU - Friday


How will I receive my order? 

Items will be delivered weekly by an SLSO to the classroom. 


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